Homework and Revision


To support our knowledge rich curriculum, students are provided with regular retrieval activities in lessons and set homework using their All Saints’ Absolutes. These Absolutes have been created by departments and contain core knowledge students must grasp if they are to be successful.

We appreciate all the support students are offered outside of school and we hope that the changes we have made, alongside the resources on this page, will enable you to support the students at home, without the need for specific knowledge of the topics they are studying.

On this page you can there is a recording of the session we ran for parents going over homework, revision and how you can support at home. The PowerPoint from the session is also attached, so is the cover page that you should find in the front of all red Independent Learning books and FAQ sheet.

The cover page gives step-by-step instructions around how students can self-quiz and what a good piece of self-quizzing will look like.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Advice for parents on how to support student revision and homework

Video Demonstrations of Key Revision Techniques

Brain Dumps

Flash Cards

Look Cover Say Write Check


Many students struggle with examinations due to poor preparation. In this presentation, Mr Alderson talks through how to revise successfully and how people at home can support students in the lead up to exams. 

Year 11 Recommended Revision Guide List 2023

Revision timetable- step by step

Revision Count-Up 2022

Revision Success

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