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Applying to Higher Education

Over the next few months you will be making some of the most important decisions of your life. You will be deciding what you want to do after the Sixth Form. For many of you this will be whether to go into Higher Education or not, and if so what course you are going to apply for and at which Universities or Colleges. These are very big decisions, and not ones you should take before doing a lot of research and asking for help and support from a range of people, both inside and outside of school.  Trips within schools to Universities, seminars, the UCAS Convention where a number of Universities promote and advise and also to Apprenticeship Fairs:  all of these will help you to make informed decisions about your future after Sixth Form.
Many of you will already have taken our advice and given some initial thoughts to what you want to do, and maybe even started to draw up a long list of Universities and Colleges if this is the route that you are considering. Higher Education preparation should start in earnest at the end of Year 12.
Here are the links to two of the main websites which will help you in your preparation:

The Main UCAS site with information about courses and the application process

Looking for details of Open Days at University and Colleges then click here

This link will take you to the PURE POTENTIAL website where you can register for the 21 June event – and more

Financing Higher Education
Thinking about going to University? Already applied and want to know up to date information about the costs and financial support that is available to you? This is where you will find the links that will help you to get the information you will need. You can also apply for student loans on line from these links.
This link will take you directly to the government sponsored website that is a must for up to date information and you can even apply for your student loan from the online link

Up to date information about costs and support and a link to the on line application process

The following link will take you to a fantastic website that will help you find out whether you can apply for scholarships or bursaries to help you pay for your years in higher education.

Scholarships and bursaries


Apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity to explore the world of work whilst learning and earning. There are different levels of apprenticeships which differ in qualifications, duration and pay:

Intermediate Level 2 Apprenticeship (equivalent to GCSE)

Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship (equivalent to A Levels)

Higher Level 4 Apprenticeship (equivalent to an HNC or Foundation Degree)

Degree Level 5-6 Apprenticeship (equivalent to a full Bachelor’s degree)

Degree Level 7 Apprenticeship (equivalent to a Master’s Degree)

To support students in applying to Apprenticeships we offer talks from companies and a 6 week programme which helps you make a competitive application. The 6 week programme covers workshops on:

  • Recognising your strengths
  • Writing a winning application
  • Interview Skills
  • Preparing for online recruitment
  • Searching for jobs in the current market
  • Boost your employability

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