POST 16 TRANSPORT 2023-2024 – Subsidised Scheme

All Saints’ Catholic Academy has reached an agreement with the County Council to allow us to subsidise the travel costs for Sixth Form students by 25%.

Please see the letter attached regarding Post 16 transport charges for travel to and from school along with the discounted costs.  This is for the ‘SEASON PASS’ option.

Students who wish to join or continue the subsidised scheme need to apply online at Post 16 Mainstream Travel Assistance | Nottinghamshire County Council(opens in new tab) choosing the ‘Apply for post-16 travel assistance’ tab and then the ‘Season Pass’ option.  NCC will prompt you for the first instalment of £210.00 (approx TBC by NCC).  The second instalment of £210 (approx. TBC by NCC) will need to be paid to NCC by 22 December 2023 and the final instalment of £54 (approx. TBC) to be paid to school by 16 March 2024 via the Arbor app.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Woolley
Sixth Form Administrator