Work Experience and Mock Interviews

Work experience

Work experience is time spent in a workplace learning about a job role, a company or a career sector. At All Saints’ we support you in gaining work experience during Year 10 as we know this can help you stand out from the competition when applying to sixth form, university, apprenticeships or jobs.

It is a chance for you to explore an industry or career you are interested in, gain new skills you need to succeed in the workplace and learn about the world of work first hand.

Year 10 will be taking part in work experience from Monday 17 July – Friday 21 July 2022. We will support students in finding a placement through our Independent Learning Time and Tutor Time, however students can start to explore companies outside of school by talking to family and friends to gain an understanding of what jobs are available and looking online at local companies3

If you have any questions regarding Year 10 Work Experience, please email Miss Nahal

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews are an opportunity for students to practise their interview technique with industry professionals. This year we will be hosting Mock Interviews on Tuesday 28th March 2023, students will attend a formal 1-1 interview with an employer and be competing for a fictitious job. Students will get feedback after the interview on what went well and how they can improve.

In preparation for the interview, students will apply for a fictitious job, plan and prepare for standard interview questions and practise answering questions with peers.

Last year we successfully ran ‘Mock Assessment Centres’ which were group interviews held by industry professionals. Students were competing for a job and had to complete a group task in front of the interviewers, demonstrating their communication, listening and leadership skills. We had interviewers from the NHS, Nottinghamshire Police, R&D Engineering and more. You can see some photos from the day below.

If you would like to volunteer as an interviewer, or have any questions about Mock Interviews please contact Miss Nahal: