The All Saints’ Way

These are the principles we expect all students to follow and they link into the school reward system.
The principles are embedded throughout activities during the school year including tutor time activities and PSHE.
We encourage parents to be aware of these principles, they provide a sound basis for the academic and personal development of students.

How do I follow the All Saints’ Way in class?

  • Arrive to lessons punctually.
  • Bring the correct equipment to lessons.
  • Take pride in my work.
  • Make positive contributions to the lesson.
  • Show respect for the learning of other students.
  • Act on instructions promptly.
  • Do my best in all learning activities.
  • Act on feedback given on how to improve my work.
  • Record homework and complete it to the best of my ability.
  • Respect the classroom environment and leave it tidy.

How can I follow the All Saints’ Way around school?

In addition, for unstructured time or when students are moving around the school, we expect students to adhere to the following expectations.

  • Move sensibly around school and not put others in danger.
  • Wear uniform correctly and give a positive image of myself.
  • Talk to others appropriately and in a respectful
  • Look after the school environment and keep it clean and tidy.
  • Show respect to others and give help to those in need.