Celebration of the Word

At All Saints’, we know that the student’s faith is a major part of their time here and their impact on the world around them. With this in mind, we use the diocesan model for an ‘Celebration of the Word’ of: ‘Gather, Word, Response and Mission’. We think about how we can ‘Gather’ everyone effectively into the space, how we can present God’s ‘Word’ appropriately and, subsequently, how we can ‘Respond’ to that scripture. The final thing to explore is what students and staff can take with them after the Celebration of the Word is finished so God’s message doesn’t just stop with us.

To make an ‘Celebration of the Word’ accessible for all, we consider what pupils can ‘Hear, See, Think and Do’ throughout all stages of planning so it is an effective and engaging process for every person at All Saints’.