Black Blazer with the All Saints’ school badge, which must be worn at all times. (Permission may be given to remove the blazer in hot weather)
Plain white shirt, all buttons to be fastened– short sleeved or long sleeved. No polo shirts. Shirts must be tucked in.
School tie, which must be clip on.
Plain black formal school trousers (no leggings, denim, canvas or lycra). Trousers must be tailored and not skin tight, tapered or tight around the ankle. Trousers must be full length and not above the ankle.
Plain black or dark socks (ankle length only)
Plain black formal low-heeled shoes (no trainers/sports brands, canvas, high heels, boots of any type or sling backs)
Outer wear: Students must wear a dark coloured practical coat (leather and denim coats, sweatshirts, gilets, hooded tops and sports branded jackets are not permitted). These are not to be worn in classrooms.

Baseball caps are not permitted to be worn in school.

Students must have a practical school bag, which must be big enough to carry a number of A4 size books

Optional items:

Grey plain knitted v-neck jumper. Sweatshirts / cardigans are not allowed.

Please note: Skirts are not allowed



  • One small stud per ear in bottom lobe
  • An inexpensive wristwatch
  • Crucifix or Cross worn under the shirt. The Crucifix / Cross should be approximately 2cm in length and on a fine chain.
  • Sikh Kara bracelet

Not allowed:

  • Facial piercings / extra ear piercings / tongue piercings
  • Clear plastic retainers / covering plasters to hide piercings
  • Smart watches / fit bit style watches which can carry data and allow communication
  • Bracelets / necklaces / rings

 Hair, Make-up and Nail Polish

  • Hair styles should be formal and sensible. No extreme hairstyles are allowed. This is defined as a style that draws unnecessary attention e.g. unnatural colours, extreme contrast of length or colour of hair, closely shaven (grade 1), patterns (this list is not exhaustive)
  • Hair accessories should be plain (no bandanas, large head bands or large accessories, coloured accessories allowed)
  • Where appropriate students are permitted to wear a plain coloured hijab
  • No make-up allowed for Year 7 to 9 students.
  • Make-up should be discreet in Year 10 and 11
  • No nail polish, false/acrylic nails, false eyelashes, lash lifts, heavy brows or shaven brows.
  • No fake tan
  • No Henna, body art or fake/real tattoos.


KS3 and Core PE: Polo or round neck shirt (Blue with embroidered school badge)
GCSE / BTEC only: Round neck shirt (Black with embroidered school badge)
Plain black tracksuit bottoms / leggings (no different colours / no patterns / no stripes / no mesh or vent panels in leggings. Only one small logo no wider than 5cm). These should be proper tracksuit bottoms not joggers.
Students are able to wear knee length cycling shorts or loose shorts for PE, however they must wear leggings and track suit bottoms over the top when in class and around school.
Hoodie / Zip top (Black and MUST be embroidered with the school badge) Other hoodies will be confiscated.
Trainers must be supportive with a good sole. Examples of trainers that can be worn are:

–          Astro Turf trainers e.g. Adidas Predator Edge.4 TF Astro Football boots

–          Running trainers e.g. Reebok Floatride Energy 5 Shoes

–          Training Shoes e.g. Nike City trainer

–          Field shoes e.g. Tennis, Hockey, Badminton, Handball trainers e.g. Asics ULTIMATE FF 2

No Jewellery and long hair must be tied up.
Optional items:

Gum shield, studded boots and shin pads

Black rain jacket (this MUST have the school logo on)

Games long socks (blue)


Should something be required for a medical need, this will be allowed and the student will have a permission note in their planner. These arrangements are agreed with individuals as appropriate in consultation with parents and the Year Progress Leader.