1. At All Saints’ Catholic Academy, excellent attendance and punctuality is our aim for every child. Our current attendance target is 95% as a minimum for each child.
  2. Evidence shows that those children who attend school regularly make better progress academically and socially. To help a child achieve full attendance, parents and carers play a critical role in helping us promote good attitudes towards attendance.
  3. Together, it is important we ensure that children are present at every opportunity, arriving on time, and not being taken out of the Academy without authorisation. Each child’s attendance is monitored closely, and we will follow up unexplained absences with parents or carers.
  4. Where a child’s attendance record reaches a concerning level, we will contact the child’s parents or carers to discuss ways in which we can support all parties to help improve the child’s attendance.
  5. Where persistent unauthorised absence is a problem, school will liaise with the local authority which could lead to penalty notices or further sanctions being issued.  Please see the ‘Policy’ section of the website for more details in our Attendance Policy.

Absence reporting

Parents / carers must let school know if the student is not going to attend school on a planned day or at a planned time.

Please inform school using the Arbor App providing full details or by calling 01623 474700 and press 1 for pupil absence.

A phone call or home visit will be made if we have not received any information that explains your child’s absence by 9.30am.

Attendance support for students in school

  1. Weekly attendance focus in tutor time
  2. Half-termly attendance assemblies
  3. Peer mentor or Year Progress Leader support for students starting to show signs of regular non-attendance
  4. Regular strategic meetings with staff in school
  5. Student action plan created

Attendance success

All Saints’ Catholic Academy has been awarded with an FFT National Attendance Award. FFT collects daily attendance data from over 10,500 schools and for the Spring term 2023, All Saints’ Catholic Academy was in the top 25% in England. Thank you to all our students and parents and carers who support the school community.

Attendance Assembly

In April 2023 students participated in an assembly all about the importance of attendance. Did you know…?

  • 95% is the attendance target at All Saints’ Catholic Academy
  • 90% or below is classed as PA (Persistent Absenteeism)
  • 90% attendance equates to half a day missed a week, 4 weeks missed a year. Over 5 years of secondary school this equates to half a year!
  • Research by the Department for Education suggests that 17 missed school days a year = GCSE grade DROP in achievement.
  • Our best GCSE grades come from the highest attenders.

Attendance rewards

As part of our rewards policy, we also celebrate students with excellent attendance. We have an attendance prize drawer each half term to celebrate excellent attendance (£25 Amazon voucher for 100% attendance and three prizes of £5 for 95% or more per half term)


Let children know that good attendance is important: 

  • Attendance is a parent/carer and pupil responsibility.
  • Let your child know that you think attending school daily is important. Show them you are interested in their school activities and tell them that you want them to do well in school.
  • Know your child’s attendance figure. Keep a check on how they are doing. You can find this in their planner.
  • Good attendance habits start at an early age. Make sure your child goes to school regularly and on time. This helps them develop a positive view of school and the importance of attendance.
  • Become involved in your child’s school life and school activities.
  • Post the school calendar and times of school day on refrigerator or another prominent place.
  • Do not provide inappropriate excuses for your child to miss school. Do not let them take time off from school for minor ailments.
  • Don’t expect or let older children stay home from school to babysit younger siblings.
  • Make a contract with your child to improve his/her attendance. Reward positive improvements.
  • Refrain from making appointments at the doctors or dentist etc during the school day.
  • Do not take holidays during term time – these will be recorded as ‘unauthorised absence’ and could incur a penalty notice.

 Establish a routine: 

  • Give yourself and children enough time to get ready. No TV on school mornings for example.
  • Provide pupils with their own alarm clock. Set alarm clock 30 minutes earlier for pupils who need more time to get ready for school.
  • Plan ahead the night before: make sure your child is organised for the next day, such as getting uniform out and ready.
  • Have a back-up plan for cold weather for cars not starting.
  • Agree and insist on an appropriate bedtime for your child in line with their age – and insist on a deadline time for use of computer / phone / TV. Limit WIFI if needed.

 Keep open lines of communication with your Children, School and School Attendance Office: 

  • Let school know in advance if your child is going to be absent or if you have concerns about your child’s attendance or school performance.
  • Report all absences on the day the pupil will miss school by calling school or using the Arbor App.
  • Provide doctors notes to the Attendance Officer when medical verification is available for pupil’s absences.
  • If your child does not want to go to school, find out why and work with your school and child to address concerns.
  • If you notice your child is avoiding a particular class or is having a difficult time in one subject area, discuss this with your child and his/her teacher. Offer extra support at home.  This will prevent your child from developing a behaviour of avoidance in school when things become difficult.
  • Contact your child’s school for help if it is needed to support your child or family.
  • Make sure your child knows you do not approve of him/her being late or absent. Talk to your child about issues that may be making them late for school.
  • Do not let your child persuade you into making an excuse for him/her. Don’t give up!

For more information about support for students please see the wellbeing page: Wellbeing – All Saints’ Catholic Voluntary Academy – Mansfield