School Meals

School meals in All Saints’ are provided by Aspens catering Services, who provide a varied menu which changes on a regular basis. Students are offered a selection of food and drink including pizzas, sandwiches and full home cooked meals.

Aspens menu

For more information visit their website: Aspens

We run a cashless catering system so each student has an account which parents can access online to credit with funds, Purchases are made by students from this account using an ID card issues by the school.  Parents can also view any purchases made!

You can add credit for meals via the Arbor App.  Please see the Parental Engagement page for details on how to do this.

An increasing number of students are eligible for free school meals due to a low family income and if you think this may apply to you it’s worth checking on the Derbyshire County Council Website. If a student is entitled to this then their account is automatically credited each day with sufficient funds to purchase a main meal of the day, a pudding and a drink.

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