Our Mission Statement

We shall serve

Through Catholic values and principles, every person at All Saints’ will achieve their full potential: spiritually, academically, socially, morally and physically.

Staff Mission Statement

The mission statement of All Saints’ Catholic Voluntary Academy is to provide the best education and care we can for all members of our Living Faith community, therefore:

– We will care for each other and treat each other with respect, recognising the uniqueness, diversity and dignity of each person in our community.

– We will challenge each other to set and achieve the highest goals in academic subjects and personal development.

– Each day we will all strive to create a welcoming environment for each student with the love of Christ at its centre.

– Above all, we will actively grow in faith by seeking to know Jesus Christ and His holy Catholic Church, so that through prayer, working for justice and peace, and all we say and do, we will be his witness to the world.

Student Mission Statement

– We will treat each other as we wish to be treated and recognise that everyone unique in their own special way.

– We will strive towards success by supporting each other academically and socially.

– We will make sure that our school environment is welcoming with the love of Christ at the heart of all we do.

– We will help each other to encounter Jesus every school day through prayer, acts of kindness and justice for all.

Student Mission Prayer

Dear Lord, We thank you for giving us the opportunity to treat others as we wish to be treated and to see that everyone is unique in their own special way.

Help us to strive for success by supporting each other, both academically and socially.

Support us in making our school environment welcoming and showing that your love is at the heart of all we do.

Guide us in helping each other encounter Christ in every school day, through prayer, acts of kindness and justice for all.

As a school and as a faith community, these are our aims, these are our values and this is our mission. Amen.

Ethos and Values

As a  living faith community, we celebrate quite distinctive values founded on the core principles of the Catholic faith. We firmly believe that Christ should be at the centre of all aspects of school life so that His teachings are evident and celebrated on a daily basis. As a highly inclusive, multi-cultural community, we are unrelenting in our mission to allow all members of the All Saints’ family to encounter Christ and further explore their faith. Many children who now attend All Saints’, previously attended a secular Primary school, however it is a privilege to witness their participation in Acts of Worship, Form Prayers as well as attend Mass. We try to instil in all children the key moral attributes and principles of honesty, charity, responsibility, resilience and of course kindness. These characteristics  epitomise Jesus’ teachings; footsteps which all children can follow. We are acutely aware of the pressures faced by children and young adults growing up in an ever-changing, technologically driven society which can sometimes eradicate the beauty and integrity of a faith based education. Notwithstanding the influences of social media, the All Saints’ way (our moral code) encourages all children to fulfil their aspirations, making full use of the talents bestowed upon them by God. Finally, the All Saints’ team of professionals through their determination and unrelenting dedication and hard work, ensure that these core values form the ‘DNA’ for our vibrant community.

This is our ethos and these are our values!