• Blazer: Black with school badge on pocket
  • Trousers: Charcoal grey (not black)
  • Shirt:  White, no button down collars
  • School Tie: Clip-on only
  • Shoes:  Black (boots or training  shoes may not be worn)
  • Socks:  Dark grey
  • Pullover:  Fine‑knit school grey with  badge; V‑neck with long sleeves
  • Outdoor Wear:Plain dark coat, with no obvious logos


  • One flat ring.
  • One bracelet.
  • A traditional analogue or digital watch
    (No smart watches or fitness style watches).
  • School badges on the lapel only.
  • No necklaces except those for religious
  • One stud in the bottom of each lobe only.


  • One stud in the bottom of ear lobes only.
  • No nose studs.
  • No lip piercings.
  • No tongue piercings.
  • No clear retainers or covering plasters.
  • No spacers/ear stretching plugs.

Hair Styles

  • Hair should be neat, tidy and natural in colour
  • No extreme hair styles
  • No tramlines shaved in to hair
  • No unnatural colours (blue, green, pink etc.
  • No coloured streaks


  • Clear nail polish only
  • No false nails or nail art


  • Make up should be discreet for KS4. None for KS3
  • No heavy eye make up or lipstick
  • No false lashes
  • No fake tan


  • Charcoal grey only
  • Trousers should be straight leg or boot cut
  • No drainpipe, fitted tight trousers
  • Trousers should be woven material
    not jersey/stretchy material
  • No leggings
  • No jeans


  • No Pumps/ canvas shoes i.e. Vans, converse etc.
  • No trainers.
  • No boots/ Doc Martins/ Timberland.
  • Smart plain black, closed toe, low heel shoes only.


  • A jacket/coat should not be worn instead of a blazer or under a blazer.
  • Jackets / coats should be dark in colour.
  • No hoodies.
  • No sports jackets.
  • No denim/ leather jackets.