Year 9 – 2nd HPV vaccination

Monday 27 February 2023

Year 9 – 2nd HPV vaccination: 

As Consents for this were obtained last year when students had their 1st HPV jab, there is no need for you to re-register your consent.  However, if you did not submit your Consent last year but you would now like your child to receive the HPV vaccination, you should contact the School Aged Immunisation Service at to arrange this.  All queries regarding immunisations must be directed to the School Aged Immunisation Service at their email address.

Year 10/Year 11 – ‘mop-up session’:

For any students who may have missed any of their vaccinations from the immunisation programme.  If you are unsure whether your child in Year 10/ Year 11 has missed any of their vaccinations, you should contact the School Aged Immunisation Service at for advice.

Thursday 30 March 2023:

Year 9 – Tetanus/Diphtheria/Polio (known as the 3-in-1 Teenage Booster) and Meningitis vaccinations.

You should register your Consent or Refusal by visiting the following link:

The school code is NG140698
or scan the QR Code

The link and QR Code can also be found in the attached letter from the School Aged Immunisation Service which gives further details about the vaccinations.

We recommend you use a pc or tablet as some mobile phones are incompatible with the software.

If you continue to experience difficulty registering your consent/refusal, please DO NOT contact school, but contact the SAIS directly at or 07920 182032

Thank you for your continued support in this matter.