Year 8 Options Evening

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to inform you about the Year 8 Options – Parent Information Evening. This online event will be taking place on Wednesday 8th February at 6.00pm until 6:45pm. It will be an opportunity to deepen your understanding about the ‘Options’ process at All Saints’ so that you can support your child in their future decision making.

The Options evening will run as a Microsoft Live Teams event and this is a wonderful opportunity for all parents and carers to participate as you can discover the information from the comfort of your own homes. Historically, the Year 8 Options Evening has been very well attended by parents and carers; I am really hoping that we will have our best attendance yet, given the home accessibility of this event. Details regarding how to access this event are at the end of the letter.

On Wednesday 8th February, Year 8 students will have the opportunity to speak to a representative from each curriculum area about the different GCSE courses; instead of their usual Period 4 and 5 classes on this particular day, teachers will present on each GCSE Option subject and provide an opportunity for questions and answers from the students. Students will be tasked with taking notes on key pieces of information so that they can discuss with their parents and carers after their school day has finished. Students will receive their options booklet and their options application form on this day so please ask your child to present it when they get home so you can look through it together.

Furthermore, for those students who are absent on Wednesday 8th February, there will be a series of videos about each GCSE option choice from Wednesday 8th February on the All Saints’ Catholic Voluntary Academy website:

The school will be using the Microsoft Live Teams function for the event; we are hoping that all technical issues have been resolved in advance, but we ask for your patience in the event that we do experience some technical issues. I look forward to speaking to you on 8th February.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs L Johnson
Deputy Head Teacher

How to access the Microsoft Teams Event:

Click on the link below and you may be given the following options:

  1. You can Download the Windows app from here, or watch it on the web instead.
  2. If you already had the Teams app, you can launch it from here.
  3. On some devices, it may require you to go to the App store and download the Microsoft Teams app or go to Google and download Microsoft Teams first before the link appears valid.
  4. Your children will already have been using Microsoft Teams to access their online lessons and therefore it is highly likely that the Microsoft Teams app exists on the device used to access lessons.
  5. If you have any issues accessing the link having tried the options above, please contact or