Year 6 Parents’ Information Evening Questionare.

Do the children need their trainers on both transition days?

Yes trainers are always useful if your child would like to play a sport at lunch time.


Will they have to hand mobile phones in tomorrow?

No they will need to look after their mobile phone safely themselves for the two days.


which road is the entrance to the school?

There are two entrances, Westfield Lane and Broomhill Lane.


If my child wishes to wear a hijab, what colours are acceptable?

The hijab should be a plain design and there are currently no specific requirements regarding the colour.


can i check if my foster child receives free school meals?

If the child is entitled to a FSM in their current Primary School, they will receive a FSM here.

This will be provided on both transition days.


Do we have to bring them in to school in the morning or can they be dropped off at the gate

You can drop your child off at the gate if that is your preference.


What colour should the PE kit trainers be when the children start in September?

Trainers should be black. A logo is allowed e.g. Nike etc.