Y9 and Y10 Assessment Data

Dear Parent/Carer,

The Year 9 and Year 10 student progress information is available for you to view live on Go 4 Schools. Please login to the Go 4 Schools parent portal website or mobile app to see your child’s academic achievements based on their summative assessments to date. Please be aware, this notification does not relate to the full Progress Report which will be available for Year 10 in May and for Year 9 in June.

On Go 4 Schools, parents will see the Achieved Grade which represents the overall grade the child has actually achieved in their summative assessments. This information is quantitative and will mean that parents can celebrate student performance based on assessments to date, or, intervene and support their child when performance in assessment is a cause for concern. The Achieved Grades shown on the Go 4 Schools website are live and may change as additional summative assessments are added throughout the year.

If your child does not have an achieved grade, it may be because they were absent for their assessments and the subsequent additional session/s. Students need to be present on the day of their assessments (or subsequent sessions) in order to complete the assessments and be graded; All Saints’ places great importance on having good attendance as it facilitates continuity in learning and assessment in learning.

If you have not logged into the Go 4 Schools parent site previously, please follow the instructions which can be found under Parents on our school website.