Departmental Staff
Mrs A EganCurriculum Leader
Mr C Wilson2nd in Department
Mrs J SmithAssistant Curriculum Leader
Mrs D BamfordMathematics Teacher School SENCO
Mrs A PainterMathematics Teacher
Miss M CoughtreyMathematics Teacher
Mr M McveighMathematics Teacher
Mr M MooneyMathematics Teacher
Mr S WanMathematics Teacher

Welcome to the Maths Department.

Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – 8)

In Years 7 and 8, students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of number, algebra, ratio, proportion, geometry and measures, probability and statistics.
Students have the chance to improve their times tables skills by downloading a free app to their mobile devices called ‘PiXL Times Tables’. This app has the options of individual practice of times tables up to 12 or challenging students in other schools in a timed game.
Please contact Mrs J Smith regarding KS3

Key Stage 4 (Year 9-11)

Key stage 4 students study the AQA GCSE (1-9) course.
The examinations for this course consist of three equally weighted papers which are sat at the end of the course. This would be end of Year 11.
Each paper is out of 80 marks and is graded according to how many marks achieved.
Paper 1 is non-calculator and a calculator is allowed in Papers 2 and 3.
The AQA course covers topics in number, algebra, ratio, proportion, rates of change, geometry and measures, probability and statistics. Students will be entered at Foundation or Higher Tier.  In the Foundation tier, grades 1-5 are available and at the higher tier, grades 9-4 are available. In 2019 summer entry, grade 4 is broadly in line with the previous grade C and grade 5 is broadly in line with the previous grades C+/B-.
Please contact Mr C Wilson regarding KS4.


When attempting to answer difficult exam questions, it is sometimes the issue of understanding the question rather than applying the maths. UNPACK is a problem solving strategy to enable students to deconstruct and understand what exam questions are asking. This tool is primarily used for Y7-11. Please click here for further information.

Key Stage 5 (Year 12-13)
Mathematics A level H240 (AS level H230)

This course provides a broad and widely applicable base of mathematical knowledge, including rigorous treatment of calculus and proof alongside statistics and mechanics, preparing learners for a wide range of destinations in Higher Education and employment.
Mathematics A level builds on the existing popular course offered by AQA that All Saints’ currently follows.
What will I study?
Year 1: AS Pure Mathematics including: Algebra, Trigonometry, Logs and ex, Differentiation, Integration, Vectors
Year 1: AS Statistics including: Statistical sampling, Single variable and bivariate data, Measures of average and spread, Outliers and cleaning data, Probability, Hypothesis testing
Year 1: AS Mechanics including: SI units, Language of kinematics, Graphical representation, Weight Constant and non-uniform acceleration in one direction, Newton’s first, second and third laws
Year 2: Pure Mathematics including: Functions, Partial fractions, Parametric equations of curves, Trigonometry, Binomial expansion, sequences, sigma notation, Arithmetic and geometric progressions and their use when modelling, Arc and sector length and small angle approximations, Differentiation, Integration, Numerical methods, Vectors in 3 dimensions
Year 2: Statistics including: Normal distribution and selecting a suitable distribution, Conditional probability
Year 2: Mechanics including: Constant and non-uniform acceleration in two directions, Gravity and develop Newton’s second and third laws to involve the resolving of forces, Application of vectors in a plane, Frictional forces

How will I be assessed?

OCR’s A Level in Mathematics A consists of three components that are externally assessed.

Component 01: Pure Mathematics: 100marks
Component 02: Pure Mathematics and statistics : 50 marks per topic
Component 03: Pure Mathematics and Mechanics : 50 marks per topic

Each component is worth 1/3 of the A level and is assessed via a 2 hour written paper worth 100 marks.
All three components (01–03) contain some synoptic assessment, some extended response questions and some stretch and challenge questions. Stretch and challenge questions are designed to allow the most able learners   the opportunity to demonstrate the full extent of their knowledge and skills.
Any questions regarding KS5 please contact A M Egan


At All Saints’, we are working together to make sure
every student reaches their potential in Mathematics.

Students will be set homework every week: one week the homework will be written and the next week it would be one of the following activities: learning key vocabulary and definitions, completing online homework on , making revision materials to support progress, private study (sixth form) or revising for assessments.  All students will have been given the necessary log in details for completion of homework online. Please see class teachers if further assistance is needed.

Homework is marked according to the school policy. Students are given feedback which includes www( what went well)  and ebi (even better if). Students are then required to work on the targets for improvement that have been set. Class time is set aside to support students with this as it is a crucial part of their learning.

Assessments in Mathematics are completed once a half-term towards the end of the half-term.  Students are given a detailed feedback sheet which includes www( what went well)  and ebi (even better if) together with their marked script.  Students are then required to work on the targets for improvement that have been set. Class time is set aside to support students with this as it is a crucial part of their learning.

In addition to this :

  • Staff are available at lunch times to support study
  • Revision materials available to order from the department
  • Mymaths website available 24/7 that includes lessons and homeworks. This interactive resources provides immediate feedback and support., All students have a log in and password for this site. Please contact their class teacher for details.

PiXL Maths is another online website and mobile phone app in which students can use. Students can select a topic from the ‘Take a Test’ tab and practice their maths skills. It also includes PowerPoints and Videos for each topic to aid learning and understanding. The app monitors your understanding of each topic using Red, Amber and Green (Red – Not secure, Amber – Almost secure and Green – secure). Each student has their own log in and password for this site.
For more information regarding the MyMaths or PiXL Maths App, please contact Mr M Mooney.