Departmental Staff
Mr S GrowcottCurriculum Leader
Mrs L StaceyAssistant Curriculum Leader
Mr R HeyworthAssistant Curriculum Leader
Mr C HallScience Teacher
Miss G SouthwellScience Teacher
Mr J BowenScience Teacher
Mr D SitimaScience Teacher
Mr J NemethScience Teacher
Miss L McIverScience Teacher
Miss P ColleyScience Teacher
Mr A AhadScience Teacher

Year 7 and Year 8
Students start with topic familiarizing them with the scientific apparatus, safety procedures and techniques they will meet during the course of the year. Students are generally in mixed ability classes.
The remaining topics encompass a range of physics, chemistry and biology concepts.  The teaching of mathematical skills needed for science and investigative practical skills are embedded with the Year 7 and Year 8 science curriculum.
There are 6 assessments in Year 7 and 6 assessments in Year 8.

Year 9-Year 10
Students begin their GCSE courses in Y9. Some students commence 3 separate science AQA GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the start of Y10. The remaining students study AQA Trilogy Science which results in students being awarded a double GCSE grade at the end of Year 11. Students are grouped in Foundation and Higher classes.
There are 6 assessments during Year 9 and 6 during Year 10.
Year 11 assessments are driven by the need to prepare students for terminal examinations.

Revision Materials
The Science department regularly produces a range on in house revision materials which can be accessed from the VLE. In addition, revision guides can be ordered in school. . Alternatively, these resources can be purchased from a range of suppliers including Amazon and WH Smith.

Year 12 and Year 13
The science department currently offers A level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These subjects are extremely popular amongst our students.

In addition, the department also offers BTEC Extended Certificate in Applied Science which is equivalent to 1 A Level, covers a broad range of all science disciplines and is assessed through a mix of external examinations and internally assessed assignments.