Departmental Staff
Mrs A WainCurriculum Leader
Miss L SimsHistory Teacher p/t
Miss O VarneyHistory Teacher
Miss F RidleyHistory Teacher p/t
KS3 course outline Enquiry 1 Enquiry 2 Enquiry 3 Enquiry 4 Enquiry 5 Enquiry 6
Y7 What is History? Why did Duke William of Normandy Invade England in 1066? What was life like in Medieval England? What legacy have the Tudors left? Investigation into the British Empire.
Y8 How did the Industrial Revolution affect the people of Britain 1750-1900? Slavery- the moral and economic factors What happened on the Western Front? What happened during WWII? & Why did the Allies win? The Holocaust Native American- the life and times on the plains.


KS4 & KS5
Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Coursework/ Controlled Assessment
GCSE 2017-18 Onwards
Edexcel (1HI0-F5)
Medicine 1250-Present day including a case study covering medicine on the Western Front during WWI.
30% of overall mark.
The American West & Early Elizabethan England.
40% of overall mark.
Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1945.
30% of overall mark.
GCE A Level
Edexcel (9HI0) Route H
Britain Transformed, 1918-1997
30% of overall mark.
USA: Boom, Bust and Recovery.1920-55
20% of overall mark
The Witchcraze in Britain, Europe and USA. C1580-c1750
30% of overall mark
Russia 1855-1964. 4000 word essay created by the student that assesses a controversial period within the depth study. It should focus on the different historian’s interpretations of events and make a personal judgement too.
20% of overall mark

Website links:
Website has general information as well as past papers and mark schemes.
https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/subjects/history.html  For GCSE and also A level specifications.

Students complete a development study, looking at the history of medicine from ancient times to the present-day. Students also study Nazi Germany in-depth.

Exam Paper code-1H10

Medicine through time    Paper 1 Code 11     30%

Early Elizabethan England Paper 2 Code     B4  20%

American West    Paper2   Code P3       20%

Weimar and Nazi Germany Paper 3  Code  31        30%

Course Details:

Students examine the medical developments and discoveries from 1250 up to modern day.  There is a special focus unit which examines the impact of World War One on medical developments.  Students will also study Early Elizabethan England focusing on the issues Elizabeth had to deal with both at home and abroad.  The American West  unit examines the impact of settlement on the lives of the Native Americans.  The final unit of study is Weimar and Nazi Germany, which requires students to work with sources and historical writing, as well as gaining detailed knowledge of this era.

Exam Paper Details:

Medicine Through Time 1250-modern day (Paper 1)

This paper is worth 30% of the final grade and requires students to have detailed knowledge of a wide time period.  The exam is 1hour and 15 minutes long.  Students are required to demonstrate their ability to work with sources , provide clear explanations and reach well supported judgements.

Early Elizabethan England and The American West

These two topics form paper 2, which is 1 hour and 45 minutes long.  The topics will be available to students as two separate booklets to complete.  Early Elizabethan England requires students to provide extended written answers showing their knowledge, ability to explain and to show clear judgement skills.  The American West paper also requires in depth knowledge of the topic and for students to be able to analytically sequence events .  Each unit is worth 20% of the final grade.

Weimar and Nazi Germany

This paper combines students ability to analyse sources, their knowledge and the ability to work with historical interpretations.  This paper is 1 hour 20 minutes long and is worth 30% of the final grade.