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Thanks to all the students who entered the Christmas Card Competition this year. It was a tough decision with so many great entries. Congratulations to 1st prize winner Nuala, in Year 7 and runner up Zuzanna, in Year 8. Both winners have received a prize and their artwork will be made into this years official All Saints’ Christmas card that will go out to staff, governors and members of the OLOL trust.

Dear Parents and Carers

The Year 12 and 13 Progress Evening for parents will take place on Monday 18th December from 16.00pm until 19.15pm; this will be conducted via in-person appointments at All Saints’ School, but parents will still need to book their appointments online using the School Cloud facility below. The evening is an important opportunity to speak to your child’s teachers about the progress your child is making.

Booking Appointments using the School Cloud Website

You will be able to book appointments from 4th December at 9.00 am.

We are using a piece of software provided through School Cloud and you can access the booking system through the following link:

Parents and Carers, with School Cloud access, are those individuals who will have listed as Priority One and Two contacts on the admission form at the beginning of the academic year. It will be parents and guardians who have parental responsibility and that includes those with a court order in place.  It is important that both first and surname, and your child’s name and date of birth are inputted in the same way that it is on the school system.  If you are struggling to login, it may be because you are not listed as a Priority One or Two contact, do not have parental responsibility including a court order, or because there is spelling or numerical error on our system. In any of these cases, please contact, Mrs Scott with the nature of the problem:  By having both Priority One and Two contacts, it means that parents/ carers, who may live separately, can both be involved in finding out about their child’s progress.

At login, you will be asked for an email address; this is not authenticated with the email address that you listed on your child’s admission form at the start of the year; it is merely for School Cloud to send a confirmation email to you when you have successfully booked and saved your appointments.

The instructions at the end of the letter outline how to access the website in order to book appointments.

During the Evening- *Important Changes*

Before you attend the event, please make sure you have a copy of the times of your appointments. On arrival at All Saints’, please make your way to the Dining Room in order to sign in. There will be a number of displays indicating the locations of different staff members. Please ensure that you are waiting at the correct teacher at the correct time. The appointments will be six minutes long and the appointment begins at the allotted time of booking.  There will be a countdown.  The appointment cannot be extended; when the school bell is sounded, the appointment will draw to a close. Parents and Carers will then have six minutes to locate the next staff member.

These arrangements are somewhat of a departure from the historic, in-person Parents Evenings. In response to parental feedback about wait times and to support staff well-being, we are wanting to be more disciplined with the timing of appointments. We realise that there may be occasions where conversations need to be continued; if this is the case, you can request a call back at the sign-in desk; this is to avoid appointment times becoming disorderly and inefficient.  We would really appreciate parents and carers support with these arrangements.

Further Guides can be found at School Cloud- link here

Any queries regarding using the software should be directed to our ICT Support Office:

Yours Faithfully

Mrs L Johnson
Deputy Head Teacher


Attention school leavers 2023

A message for Year 11 and Year 13 who left All Saints’ last academic year (2022/2023)

Examination GCSE & A LEVEL certificates can be collected on Tuesday 16th January 2024 between 4pm-6pm in the Dining Hall.

If you cannot make this day and would like a family member or friend to collect on your behalf please contact Miss Oldham – to let her know the name of the person who will be collecting, and they will need to bring some form of Identification.

The Thursday before we split for the autumn half term the RE department organised a unique opportunity to go and watch the extremely successful musical ‘The Prince of Egypt’ as it was being live streamed from London’s west end to numerous independent cinemas up and down the country.

There were 50 tickets up for grabs and all went within 12 hours of school releasing them!

The students study the story of Moses for their GCSE so this was a unique opportunity not only for their studies but also as an enrichment opportunity.

Mrs Nattriss organised the event and was accompanied by Miss Earl, Miss Bowler and Mrs Smith as well as 50 Y9-Y11s.

The behaviour of the students was exceptional and every member of staff in attendance had members of public approach them to state how polite the students were and includes that they were brilliant ambassadors for the school – all 4 teachers could not have been prouder. Especially as it was such a long day with them not returning to school until 10.30pm.

The students that went all enjoyed the opportunity and all felt they had a far greater understanding now of the story of Moses which is what we set out to achieve.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you may already know, Friday 17th November is the night of this year’s BBC Children in Need Appeal. Our school is excited to be joining with many others around the UK to participate in the fundraising programme.

We will be taking part in lots of fundraising activities.
This is where we need your help!

The school will have a non-uniform day for students and staff on Friday 17th November; we ask that students donate £1 if they wish to participate. Please make your donation via the Arbor parent portal school shop. Our Sixth Form students have arranged for a number of activities to take place, including a bake sale and a penalty shoot-out (both of which will be accepting cash); such activities will be available for all key stages to participate in so that whole school community has the opportunity to donate money towards a good cause.

Let’s make a big difference to the lives of children across the UK.
Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,

Carlo Cuomo
Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Carers,
During this half-term break, I wanted to write to you in order to share some important information regarding school life here at All Saints’. You will notice as you read the letter that there are a number of different sections and topics which have been included into one document which I hope you will find easier to read and digest. Please may I remind you that a parent bulletin is sent out to you every week which is also a very useful source of information.
In terms of the vitally important Catholic Life here at All Saints’, I am delighted to inform you that Luke Potter and Clare Lund have very much settled into their new role as the School’s Chaplains. So many activities and events have taken place during the first half of the Advent term which truly celebrate our strong Catholic identity and ethos. Clare and Luke work in close liaison with myself and other Senior Leaders to support with the following; fund-raising (Macmillan Coffee morning and Harvest Festival), Liturgical prayers, Masses, the Year 9 Retreat day, participation at the Synod event in Lincoln and our celebration of Mass for the whole cohort of Year 7 students. We are extremely grateful for their hard work and commitment!
May I remind you that the School is in the process of recruiting a new Parent Governor to our Local Governing Body. You will be informed and updated of the outcome of the election process after the half-term break.
As you know the Health and Safety of your child is of paramount importance to us all here at All Saints’. Unfortunately, I remain extremely concerned by the parking habits of some parents who continually park opposite the front entrance of the school or extremely near to the front school gates. Furthermore, some parents use the front of school as a turning circle or choose to enter the school site to pick up their child. There are a small number of parents who have permission to enter the school site, however we have a large number of school buses that access the grounds to pick up and drop off children which is why we cannot allow parents and carers to arbitrarily enter the school site. May I ask for your cooperation to drive and park safely and thoughtfully near the school grounds.
During the last two weeks, all members of the Senior Leadership Team and the Sixth Form Pastoral Team have carried out Sixth Form interviews for our Year 11 students. We have received a large number of applications this year, however if your child is considering post-16 studies in the All Saints’ Sixth Form and has not applied, please remind them to complete an application form which is available via the school’s website. Equally, if your son/daughter has any questions about life in the Sixth Form, please encourage them to speak to their Form Tutor who will direct them to the appropriate colleagues.
Aspens provide an excellent catering service for all members of our community including a breakfast, break time and lunch time service. Students are able to purchase food and drinks using their own card. I must bring to your attention the necessity to ensure that money is placed on to your child’s card in a timely fashion. We have had a number of occasions where children have not had money available on their dinner card in order to purchase a school meal. Of course, we will ensure that all children are provided with a meal or a drink, however it is important that their cards are ‘topped up’ as and when required and it is important that they bring their cards to school every day. If you are experiencing financial difficulties at the moment, please do not hesitate to contact the school as we will always provide, support, advice and guidance on an individual basis.
In terms of preparing for the upcoming mock examinations which will begin the week commencing 7th November (6th is an INSET day), I would like to commend the response from Year 11 students who were selected to take part in additional intervention sessions. Teachers have made many positive comments about their positive approach and demeanour during these lessons and it has been extremely heartening to witness the large numbers of children who have actively engaged with these vitally important sessions on a daily basis.
Our PE department coordinate and deliver a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities both during lunchtimes and after school. Once more, the number of children who are taking part in these events has increased significantly which not only supports their physical health but also helps to boost their mental health and well-being. The children are able to find out which activities are available via the student bulletin or the screens which are located around the school. Please do encourage your child to take part in an activity and of course our homework club is open to all students after school in the library.
Finally, as we prepare for Advent, we open our hearts and minds to celebrate this most wonderful season in the Liturgical calendar.
Thank you once again for your continuous support and I hope you are all having a restful and enjoyable half-term break.
My very best wishes to you all.
Yours sincerely,
Carlo Cuomo

On Thursday 19th October 2023, the Hub Chaplains, along with school staff, took students to the Trust Synod Event at the Alive Church in Lincoln.  It was an excellent opportunity to participate in the Synodal process, mirroring the discussions that Pope Francis and all of the clergy in Rome and around the world are partaking in at present.  Students from All Saints’ and all the schools in our De La Salle Hub were outstanding ambassadors, who spoke well in small groups, led and took part in liturgical prayer, and shared their voices in developing the vision of the Church.  Our thanks to all who prepared and took part in the day, which is hoped to become an annual event.

Dear Parent/Carer,

We will be taking Year 7 to celebrate Mass as a whole year group on Friday 13th October.  The Mass will take place during school time, on Friday morning.  Supported by the RE team, staff and sixth form stewards, we will walk students to church and back and they will return in time for Period 3.  Access arrangements have been made for those requiring support.

It’s a great opportunity for the year group to begin their school journey at All Saints’, by embracing the Catholic Life and Mission of our school and the parish to which we belong.  We will also be providing a commentary throughout the Mass, to develop students’ understanding of this Eucharistic Liturgy.

Thank you for your continued support and please don’t hesitate to get in touch, should you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Clare Lund and Luke Potter
De La Salle Hub Lay Chaplains