RE Quiz Results

As you are aware, here at All Saints’ we strive to support our students so they are able to make progress and gain knowledge in all our subjects. Part of this process is the weekly quizzes students have to complete. The quizzes are based off the basic knowledge they need to retain and help the students understand the topics / units we are currently studying.

In RE, Mrs Nattriss has been keeping a close eye and of course monitoring how the students in RE have been doing with their quizzes. At the end of the year, we combine our math skills and work out an average of how the students have performed (number of quizzes they received full marks in is then divided by the number of quizzes completed by a student throughout the year then multiplied by 100 to gain a percentage). These were the top 3-5 students from Mrs Nattriss’ groups.

Congratulations to all the students and you now have a score to beat next year!