Happy World Book Day!

To celebrate, there have been a range of different book related activities taking place in school.

Each lesson began with a story being shared with the children.  As the children moved through the day they heard more of the story before finally hearing the ending at the start of period 5.  There were a few gasps when we finally found out what had happened to Eric!

During tutor time, The Masked Reader was shown and each tutor group had to try and work out who was hiding behind the mask and the book they were reading from.    The Book Swap event during lunch was well attended with children exchanging books and chatting about their favourite reads.

We also announced the winners of the Book in  a Box competition.   There were some fantastic entries!  In first place was Aoife with a wonderful disco complete with lights.  In 2nd place was Jack with a very detailed football stadium also complete with lights.

World Book Day is a wonderful day to remind us all of the joy of books and reading.    We hope the children have enjoyed the day.