Go 4 Schools Parent Portal

Using the Go 4 Schools parent site you will be able to view your child’s progress online and see real-time attainment information, their timetable and attendance figures.  You will also have access to your child’s progress reports through the main Go 4 Schools parent site.

A Go 4 Schools Mobile App is also available for your use; it will show a summary, rather than the detailed information which is on the main site.  To access the Mobile App you will first need to create your password on the main Go 4 Schools parent site.  The Mobile App is not active until you’ve registered on the Go 4 Schools website.

The Go 4 Schools parent site and mobile app provide a different function to the MyEd App.  Go 4 Schools does not replace the MyEd App, which you should continue to use.

To set your login up for the Go 4 Schools main parent site and access the Mobile App, for detailed login instructions please download this guide: Parents G4S Site login and Mobile App Guidance
The Go 4 Schools login page can be accessed here.