Changes to School Uniform, September 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

Changes to School Uniform, September 2021
We are writing to inform you of a change to school uniform that will be introduced from this September, 2021. This letter is to give you advance warning of this change and to ensure that if you are buying items of school uniform between now and the start of the new academic year that you are aware of the new requirements.
The change is being introduced to maintain the current standard of uniform being worn by students in the school, but to ensure that we have a cost effective, accessible, smart uniform that is a representation of the high standards we uphold.
The predominant change we are making, is that we are introducing black school trousers. The black trousers will need to be:
• Straight leg or boot cut.
• Loose around the ankles (not skin tight)
• Not jersey/stretchy material (leggings)
• No denim / jeans
We are acutely aware, based on research that purchasing grey trousers can be more difficult to source. Furthermore, there are different shades of grey which does not ensure a consistent school uniform attire. The Governing Body has ratified this decision in the hope that it will make it easier for parents and carers to provide the correct school uniform for their child(ren).
The remainder of the school uniform and expectations regarding jewellery and make up remain the same.
I hope the advance notice of this new requirement will enable you to plan your uniform purchases for the new academic year.
Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter and for your support for the standards we wish to uphold as a school.

Yours sincerely,

C. Cuomo

N. Kilday
Assistant Headteacher