Adding funds for Catering. Transition from sQuid to +Pay

Adding funds for Catering. Transition from sQuid to +Pay

We are in the process of moving from sQuid to +Pay (PlusPay) which is accessible via the MyEd app for parents.  The move to +Pay should be fully complete by October half term.  Any existing funds you have already added on sQuid will be transferred to the new +Pay at this time.

Because of this transition, sQuid is unavailable for new Year 7 students however, we have setup a £10 top-up payment plan for you to purchase on +Pay which is linked to the catering system, allowing your child to purchase items from the canteen.  Students can still add funds for catering via the cash loaders at school.  Funds added by here will not be affected by the move.

This is a temporary workaround until +Pay becomes fully live in October.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are unable to transfer existing funds on sQuid accounts from your child’s previous school.  You will need to contact the previous school directly for a refund.

If you presently have older siblings at school you can continue to use sQuid for catering purchases and these funds will be transferred over to +Pay when it goes fully live in a few weeks.

All future purchases for catering and trips will be made via the MyEd app which incorporates +Pay. You may download the MyEd app from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.  A guide for this and links to the apps are available at:-

A detailed guide for +Pay is available via the link below.  Follow the Online Payments option.

To use the MyEd app, you will need to register with the email address and mobile phone number you provided the school.